Adwords Management - Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Our team has comprehensive information of how to set-up and run a winning campaign for your business. Utilizing Google Adwords or other pay per click (PPC) marketing tools allows you to pay money to be at the pinnacle of search results. This creates a priceless opportunity to drive immediate traffic and gather valuable data that can praise your other marketing practices.

Adwords management starts with the repetitive process of locating the keywords that can exhibit traffic that may match your demographic. Not all traffic is great traffic! The more targeted your traffic, the more likely it will result in an exchange.

After keyword research is finished, our team will create your ad campaigns. This incorporates generating keywords that will go with exact ads that are pertinent to those keywords. Results are ideal when your ad matches your keywords. If you have a salon and your keyword is "manicure", you will want your ad title to say "Manicure" and not "Salon".

What is (PPC)?

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is the course of paying a fee every single time a user comes to your website from the marketing platform you are utilizing. It essentially allows you to gain traffic to your website without having to receive traffic through organic visits.

Do You Take a Portion of the Marketing Budget?

We do not take any amount from your marketing budget. Our company will send you an invoice for the budget, but that amount goes to Google Adwords or the proper PPC supplier. We will give you receipts of the exact amount of money spent at the conclusion of every month.

How Long Will it Take to Set-Up?

The preliminary set-up of an Adwords campaign will change depending on how extensive the project is. It normally can be accomplished in a few weeks. Continual set-up will go on as new data comes in and new prospects are revealed. The progression is always smooth.

Where Will My Ads be Displayed?

Your ads will be displayed in a number of places which will depend on what type of campaign is created. With "Search Network Only" campaigns, your ads will be prominent together with organic search results. With "Display Network" campaigns your ads will be prominent on different sites around the web.

How can Adwords Certified Partner Help?

Google Adwords certification is an official approval Google provides to companies that can substantiate the ability to manage Adwords accounts. To acquire the certification, the company must procure a series of analysis on each part of marketing with Adwords.

How Do I Know What the Minimum Budget Will Be?

There is no benefit in having an Adwords campaign if the budget is less than $499 per month. The reason is that you need adequate clicks and accumulate data. The data is used to clarify the positives that need to be extended.

How Long Until I See Results?

The great thing about Google Adwords is you do not need to wait for results. Once a campaign is created, you will instantly begin to see traffic come to your company’s website. It may take at least two months to optimize for price and effectiveness.

What Should I do if I have an Existing Campaign?

If you already have run a PPC campaign, we will review it to see if there is any helpful data. We will use the data to determine what was effective.

How Are the Results Calculated?

Calculating your return on investment is imperative in order to determine the success of a campaign. Our company uses adaptation tracking to verify which ads and keywords are working. You will get a monthly detailed report demonstrating the progress.

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