Best 8 Blogging Platforms - A Full Comparison

Should I pay money to begin my personal blog or create it on a free open platform?

It’s a problem we all wonder before beginning our initial blog. Because, admit it, we all want to save money.

Best 8 Blogging Platforms - A Full Comparison

To create a blog of your own can be challenging. You can not possibly know how good your blog will convert, or whether or not you’ll gain thousands of visitors per day or if it could create thousands of dollars each month. You must take a chance to know for sure.

However, if you can master how to start a blog correctly, you will be one level closer to success. You can start this mission by studying the various platforms you can use for setting up numerous varieties of blogs.

There are multiple various blogging platforms available today that are proper for developing different types of blogs from individual blogs, to fun blogs and also for establishing up a small business blog. In that comparison model, we’ll explain you the best platforms you can utilize to begin any kind of a blog you desire.

WP Logo

01. [Recommended]

Cost: Free
Domain Name: Not Provided.
Web Hosting: Not Provided.
Themes: Over 4,000 themes.
Best For: Rookies, Experts, and Businesses.
WordPress is the most popular and the most recommended CMS (Content Management System) available today. It’s most favorite because of its compliance and comfort of use. And further, because it allows you to create your blog on your own terms.

Want a stunning theme for your WordPress blog? Not a problem. There are thousands of themes available on the official WordPress directory, which you can use for free to create your website. Or you can pick from thousands of other premium themes available for free on third-party marketplaces.

The plugins are extra features that make WordPress so different. Applying various plugins, you can simply set up your own online store to sell products, collect email addresses by pop-up messages, promote website SEO, and so much more without either web development or coding expertise.

Word Press program itself is free to download and use. But, in order to install your blog, you will require to purchase a domain name including a web hosting plan separately to host your website. Picking a hosting provider similar to SiteGround, which gives special web hosting plans WordPress blogs would make your website settings process extremely straightforward.

WP. com Logo


Price: Free or $2.99 per month.
Domain Name: Free sub-domain.
Web Hosting: 3GB free space.
Themes: Over 100 free themes.
Suitable For Rookies
Not to be mixed with software, is a platform created by Automattic, the company behind WordPress software. That platform enables you to start a blog nearly instantly without having to worry regarding web hosting or establishing WordPress on your own.

The free plan enables you to build a blog with restricted features under a subdomain name (eg-: moreover in exchange they will show their advertisements on your blog. You also won’t be capable to customize your blog theme the style you want or display your own ads.

You can change to a paid plan, which begins at $2.99 per month, to eliminate advertisements and get a custom domain name. However, you won’t be capable to monetize your blog including adding your own ads unless you change to the $8.25 per month plan.

Tumblr Logo

03. Tumblr

Price: Free
Domain Name: Free sub-domain.
Web Hosting: Unlimited
Themes: Over 100 themes.
Best For Rookies
Tumblr began out as a microblogging platform, then gradually turned into a social network wherever people mostly share GIFs including memes. The platform is famous amongst NSFW and adult content bloggers for its user-friendly content policy.

Tumblr comes with a limited number of free and premium themes toward customizing your blogs. If you have a custom domain name, you can configure your blog to utilize it rather of the free sub-domain name Tumblr provides.

This platform already holds a community of users, therefore getting people to view your content won’t be too challenging when blogging on Tumblr. But, this platform is not suitable for serious bloggers that aim to become expert bloggers because of its limited customization choices.

Joomla Logo

04. Joomla

Price: Free
Domain Name: Not provided.
Web Hosting: Not provided.
Themes: Not Provided.
Suitable For Advanced users.
Joomla is a CMS software, comparable to WordPress but more difficult. Getting around Joomla is more complicated than WordPress and it’s most suitable for advanced users that are prepared to put in some additional time to discover how to use the platform.

Although, Joomla is an important platform for building not only blogs but many other sorts of websites as well. It comes with hundreds of helpful modules for customizing your blog or site the way you like.

Simply like WordPress, you’ll require to purchase web hosting to install a Joomla blog. And you will also have to find Joomla themes to customize this design on your own.

Blogger Logo


Price: Free
Domain Name: Free sub-domain.
Web Hosting: Free 1GB space.
Themes: Limited number of themes.
Best For Rookies and individual bloggers.
The Google-owned blogging platform has remained contributing free space for bloggers since 1999 plus it’s still alive and kicking. According to Google, millions of users are still utilizing Blogger to host their blogs.

Blogger is an excellent platform to build a basic blog because it gives you the option to customize the layout of your website however you like furthermore even monetize your website with advertisements for free.

But, there’s only a limited quantity of themes available for Blogger websites and most of these template designs are now recognized as old. This may hurt your trustworthiness when creating a professional blog. However, as a simple individual or a hobby blog, Blogger is more than sufficient.

Wix Logo

06. Wix

Price: Free or $4.50 per month.
Domain Name: Free sub-domain.
Web Hosting: Free 500mb space.
Themes: Over 100 templates.
Best For Rookies.
Wix is more than simply a website maker, it’s furthermore an excellent platform to create a blog as well. The service allows a number of attractive template designs for establishing blogs and various other types of websites.

The free plan enables you to create a blog on a sub-domain among 500mb of disk space and 500mb of bandwidth. In return, you’ll notice Wix branded advertisements showing on your blog when utilizing the free plan. Upgrading over to a paid plan, which begins at $4.50 a month, will enable you to get added storage space and use a custom domain name.

Wix is not good for some bloggers. Its customization possibilities are bounded and you have extremely little control over your content. However, it can be a great place to host a primary personal blog.

Drupal Logo

7. Drupal

Price: Free
Domain Name: Not given.
Web Hosting: Not given.
Themes: Limited
Best For High-level users.
Drupal is a favorite CMS software, comparable to WordPress and Joomla. Yet, why did we rated it very low on our list? Because similar to Joomla, Drupal is not a blogging platform proper for learners.

Drupal is frequently practiced by industry blogs including magazines that incorporate multiple categories and topics because this software is capable of managing massive quantities of posts and content. But, getting around the platform demands some technical expertise and can additionally be frustrating sometimes.

Drupal is free to download and use, but you’ll require a separate domain name plus a hosting plan to establish up a Drupal-powered blog.

Weebly Logo

8. Weebly

Price: Free or $8 per month.
Domain Name: Free sub-domain.
Web Hosting: Free 500mb disk space.
Themes: Limited.
Best For Rookies and companies.
Weebly is a website building platform furthermore it carries blogging as well. The platform simply offers a short quantity of themes toward blogs. As a result, we ranked it all the way below at #8.

Nevertheless, Weebly is simple to use and enables you to start up a blog alongside a website. Which gives it more suitable for business blogging. While this free plan restricts the customization and features of this platform, the paid programs will enable you to set up a custom domain furthermore sell merchandises through your website.

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