How Image Optimization Improve SEO and User Experience?

Everybody say, a picture is much better than a thousand words, therefore why not present it worthy to get some attention? Presenting images on the web is for sure a complex task. in case that you create them too big or too large in resolution, your website will act sluggish. Furthermore, if you create them too small in addition to low resolution, prepare to hurt your users’ eyes.

Okay, it’s not a barrier, however user experience, if pleasant, does return a speedy loading website including images that are compatible plus clear to see. This all begins with image optimization which is an essential strength of on-page optimization within SEO. It is important not only for a satisfying user experience but for the search engines.

How Image Optimization Improve SEO and User Experience?

While search engines continue advancing, the task of achieving a good search ranking is becoming harder too. It is not only the competition of quality content now. There are additional aspects that are effective with increasing search engine rankings, one of the important essences on page optimization.

This is certainly an important piece of your SEO and possible with image optimization. All of us understands that images have a compelling visual strength, however, in the end, this all gets down to your work, whether or not it can carry your message in a single look.

Do wrong with your images & be prepared to ruin the whole impression of your website. Here are some causes why image optimization can flip that table for SEO

Image Searches

Optimize your images, this can get you high in Google Image Search results. This is excellent in bringing in large traffic through search engines, particularly if you are into merchandises & services that are dictated by images.

Shorter Loading Time

In case the images on your website are not optimized, it will increase the loading time of your web page as well as the site making unnecessary delay. As a reaction, this will create a poor impression to the users moreover increase the bounce rates. Recognizing that website speed is an important measure of Google to conclude the ranking, a business should optimize the image size to stay below 100kb without reducing the image resolution.

Almost 50% of customers won’t wait 3 seconds for an e-commerce website to load.

and, usually, the average page load time is increasing.
Amazon determined that if their web pages happened to slow down by only 1 second, they would lose about $1.5 billion every year.
Google uses page load time as an important ranking factor in their algorithm.

Visible Result

Images are utilized for producing visual attractiveness in any blog post or any content page. They are not only pulling the viewers by designing super user experience but furthermore paves the way for increased traffic to the website. As per examination, it has been noticed that posts associated with images receive more views upon those without images.

Every Click Count

Whenever a post goes on social media or other routes of marketing, images represent an important part toward getting a larger number of clicks. Users click on these pages much more then the ones contain less amount of images in it. Therefore by optimizing your images, you can improve the click number to your web page by optimizing your images.

Pick the right file type

There are 3 popular file types that are utilized to post images on the web: JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Please acknowledge this –

In most situations in e-commerce, JPEGs should be your best option. It gives the best quality for the tiniest file size.
Never practice GIFs for a large product image. The file size will be extremely large moreover there is no solid way to decrease it. Use GIFs toward thumbnails & decorative images solely or in case you want animation.
PNGs potentially be a great alternative to both JPEGs & GIFS. In case you are solely capable of getting the product photos in PNG format, attempt practicing PNG-8 over PNG-24. PNGs are useful as simple decorative images because of their very small file size.

Methods for Image Optimization

Size makes a difference
Image size is an essential piece of your overall user experience. Images can increase the load time of your web page. In case you uploaded a page that takes longer than 10 seconds to show and believe me the back button will be an obvious sight to witness.

With improved ranking parameters, loading time should become essential for your SEO ranking as the total time of stay has become similar to the SEO algorithm. Therefore, don’t forget to create your images low in bytes.

There is a tool named which is assisting in eliminating the excess amount of bytes of your images, getting it light & user-friendly.

The Need of a Good Host

Image hosting is an extra factor that affects traffic from Google Image Search. The basis which determines the selection for Google Image Search is retained unknown although it is understood that image hosting is one of the major factors that contribute to the results.

It is well known that if the images including the text are in the same domain, therefore, this type of images are given more importance unlike images hosted on another domain similar to a free image hosting website.

there is an additional algorithm that has been brought ahead for Google Image Search is how those images blend with the text on a web page.

The Use of Alt Tag

The Alt Tag is the most meaningful element in image optimization. As far as we know, Alt indicates "alternate" that's the reason the text inside the alt tag is displayed instead of the image in case the image fails to show or is taking a long time to load.

Most search engines are text-oriented meaning that they can’t understand images & videos. The place of your images is somewhat like a blank area for the search engines. These blank spaces are of no advantage to your SEO.

The Alt tag not only tells the search engines that an image is placed here yet it highlights the description of your image. A great approach for the Alt Tag is to manage it brief but still detailed.

What’s in a Name

same as the keywords are important in URL, the same thing is the case with images. Keyword rich file can assist as an important sign for a Search engine to determine relevancy. Don’t apply default image file names such as IMG0013.jpg as it does not tell much regarding the image.

Use distinct file names parted with the help of hyphen (-), for example, how-to-rank-high-on-google.jpg. This is really helpful in case you are using SEO friendly images plugin for WordPress because it constantly modifies file name into Alt tag.

Link for More

Images hold our eyeballs watching and therefore are perfect for connecting. You can get great results if you choose better linking techniques. One really effective tip for image linking is to not link your images in a direct way.

Make sure that you are using suitable anchor texts whenever you are linking your images. This is great for your SEO at the time of implanting images in a guest post or different pages that intend to get a link back to your site.

Always apply a title tag whenever you are linking your images. Title tag provides a tooltip in case your cursor is located over a link. Use appropriate keywords and SEO driven information and your title tags will do the work.

Tool Tricks

Tools such as GIMP can help optimize your image size. This tool is very user-friendly & is very simple to use. The greatest part is that it can assist with modifying the image without modifying its resolution. So by now, we understand that if the size is optimized, the web page or site won’t be slow to load and will give a much better loading speed rate, thereby delivering excellent user experience too.

For Social Media

Constantly remember to optimize images for different social media sites. There's a suggested image sharing size for every website. SEO experts are proficient at it & after examining the size of the social media channel, they will optimize the images respectively.

They're also aware of how to utilize meta-graph for Facebook or conduct settings for the purpose of adding Twitter in order to show the images more clearly. This will affect the user experience positively. With the impact of optimized images, there's an improvement in the number of clicks, post interactions including the rate of social media traffic.

Align Better

Be certain to align the images that match with the one of the posts. Precise alignment is required to reach a positive impression on users. CMS such as WordPress provides an option to also customize the alignment because of the requirement of the post.

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