Social Media marketing (SMM)

The Best Approach to Social Media Marketing

Our company recognizes the need to create a tactic that will result in more likes and establish a connection with your clientele that will ultimately lead to increased revenue.
Unique Web Design has established a rock-solid method of building social media marketing strategies that are effective. This begins with recognizing objectives that go outside of likes and shares. These are high-quality metrics, but the metrics that mean anything are leads, conversions and other quantifiable data that will relate to return on investment (ROI).

As soon as a goal is instituted, it is prudent to complete research to determine which social media networks will work best to attain your goals. Many businesses would like to have at least Facebook, Twitter, and Google + because they provide expansive benefits. Every social network has a distinctive audience and function, it is imperative to pick those that support your message.

The next step is to set-up a social media profile. Your business must review each profile independently, as the message may vary for each network. It is essential to complete each profile entirely, intersect your social profiles and optimize images and content to suit every network.

What is SMM?

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. It is the practice of growing brand understanding, as well as growing traffic and conversions to your company’s website. This is mastered by building an audience and giving them with interesting content that keeps them reading.

Will SMM Work for My Company?

Social marketing will not be successful for every business, however in most situations it can work for your company. The most important question to ask yourself is, are my customers using the internet? If they are, then there is great chance that this sort of marketing will be a success.

Who Creates the Posts?

We have a group of designers and creative individuals that cultivate posts that cater to your precise audience. The posts will vary over time as we compile data on what different types of posts are bringing in the most engagement. If you are interested in creating your own post, we can work with that as well.

How Long Until I See Results?

The results will be immediate. Seeing your audience turn into conversions may take some time and will depend on what product or service you provide. We will monitor the success vigilantly and furnish reports so you can see for yourself.

Who Will Set-Up The Social Profiles?

Our group will create any social media profiles that are not already set-up. If you already have profiles set-up, we will review and optimize your account to guarantee it is done properly. In any event, it is imperative for us to execute our practices into your profiles.

What is the Cost?

The cost will differ and will depend on how frequently we are manufacturing posts and the quantity of communication that is taking place. The price can vary from $199 per month to $999 per month. Our company also creates custom strategies for bigger jobs.

Can SMM Raise Leads / Income?

This is our company’s main goal.  While having clientele aware of your brand, it is not useful unless it turns into leads or deals. Our approach is to create an audience on social media and bring traffic on your website. We gauge the results by following conversions.

Will I be Able to Pay for Ads on Social Media?

Operating ads on social media is a part of the pay per click campaign.  You will pay for each person that visits your website.  This goes hand-in-hand with an organic campaign. The disparity is that an organic campaign forces traffic and conversions by constructing an audience and steering them to your site using excellent content.

Will I Get Reports?

Unique Web Design constantly provides thorough reports so you can view the progress of your campaign. We track the increase of your audience, the conversions created from social media sites and your return on venture.

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